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Herbal Medicines To Treat Toothache

Who never had a toothache? Apparently there Medicinal Herbs To Treat Toothache. Maybe for those who never had the toothache is an experience that does not want to experience again. Toothache can strike anyone, the poor condition of the teeth, cavities, gingivitis, bacteria can cause tooth pain.

Toothache is often strikes children, where children prefer sweet foods, lacking in oral care and teeth that are more susceptible to toothache. The pain caused by tooth pain often occurs at night, the pain often makes it painful to sleep and suffered excruciating pain. Many drugs are consumed to relieve toothache, but whether they are safe and have side effects on health. You can try some natural ingredients that are easily found at home for tooth pain disappeared and can certainly cheaply.

Herbal Medicines To Treat Toothache

1. Clove oil.
Use of clove oil on the sore tooth, it helps relieve pain and infection in the tooth disappears.

2. Guava leaves.
Take some leaves of guava, chewing in the mouth. Guava leaf extract may help reduce pain in the tooth.

3. Salt water.
Mix one tablespoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Gargle for 30 seconds, the salt water can kill bacteria and relieve pain.

4. Vanilla Extract.
Use 3-4 drops of vanilla extract on the aching tooth to soothe and promote healing.

5. Garlic.
Garlic finely, then put it on the sore tooth. Garlic has antibacterial and anesthetic properties that can help cure toothaches

6. Lime.
Vitamin C in the lemon juice helps fight infection and prevent the decay of the teeth. Bite lemon on the sore tooth to come out orange juice, lemon juice has vitamin C higher and lower acidity of the lemon.

7. Ice.
You just need ice cubes. wrap some ice cubes with a soft cloth, place it on the sore tooth, it aims to numb the affected part.

The last part that is important is oral care and teeth properly and visit your dentist regularly at least 6 months. Surely you would not want that tooth pain come to strike back
Title : Herbal Medicines To Treat Toothache
Description : Who never had a toothache? Apparently there Medicinal Herbs To Treat Toothache. Maybe for those who never had the toothache is an experi...

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