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Mango Benefits for Pregnant Woman

I love mangoes especially young mango because it can dislodge the nausea. Beside this healthy for many uses , especially mango benefits for pregnant woman. Young and ripe mango, which is better? What are the benefits and nutritional value contained in mango? Fruits and vegetables are very important especially for consumption during pregnancy because it is rich in nutrients. Would be helpful to know the nutrient content of foods and beverages that we consume so we will not hesitate to take it as good for our health. This time mom-world will attempt to peel anything mango benefits for pregnant women.

Don't You Know Mango Benefits for?

Nutrients contained in fruit and mango benefits include:

* High fiber. Fibre is needed by the body for a smooth digestion. Maternal complaints such as constipation can be resolved by either insufficient fiber intake of soluble fiber and water insoluble. When our digestion is not smooth, then the absorption of nutrients by the body is impaired. To add a daily dose of fiber, it is recommended to consume it little by little. The addition of fiber portion of a sudden will cause excess gas in the stomach so that makes us uncomfortable.
* Potassium / potassium. Potassium is useful for fluid balance in the body. Too much fluid is retained in the body can cause our feet become swollen. Pregnant women should also limit consumption of salt. Due to excessive salt intake can cause swelling in addition can also increase high blood pressure (preeclampsia risk carefully).
* Antioxidants. Mango also a source of beta-carotene and vitamin C. Beta-carotene is a substance in the body is converted into vitamin A (essential nutrients for the functioning of the retina). Beta-carotene (and vitamin C) are also classified as antioxidants, compounds that may protect against cancer because it can neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced by the body's normal chemical processes, solar or cosmic radiation, cigarette smoke, and other environmental influences. Free radicals will indirectly result in inhibition of fetal development. Of course, free radicals is difficult to avoid, therefore, very important antioxidant is consumed. Vitamin A is very good for our fetal organ development vision.
* Sources of energy. Mango fruit contains sugar which is sucrose and carbohydrates are good for energy sources so that we become a stable blood sugar. Mango fruit can be a healthy snack. Snacking is important to maintain stable blood sugar and keep our moods more stable (how many pregnant women experience mood of uncertainty due to the influence of hormonal and blood sugar?) Hehehe ..Things to consider in choosing a good mango is a mango choose not too mushy and not too pungent smell. But watch out for the wannabe-moms who have disorders of the stomach. You better pick the ripe mango fruit as a young mango has a high acidity level of risk that may irritate the stomach.Hopefully wannabe-moms love yaa after reading this article. Besides it feels good and expel powerful nausea, mangoes are also rich in nutrients that are not less important than any other fruit. So, have a healthy pregnancy!
Title : Mango Benefits for Pregnant Woman
Description : I love mangoes especially young mango because it can dislodge the nausea. Beside this healthy for many uses , especially mango benefits for...

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