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Makes Beautiful Face With Tommatoes

As has been discussed previously Tomatoes has many benefits. Especially to make our face beautifully. Tomato is a fruit that is very easy to find. Sometimes we found not so easy to know the benefits of tomatoes . Tomatoes that often we find it turned out to contain a substance -  essential for healthy skin lo . This time it will discuss the benefits of tomato to your face and how to made it .

Some Benefits Tomato For Face

1 . Skin Lightening and Overcoming Blackheads

Tomatoes are known to have benefits to eliminate blackheads and reduce blackheads appear again as a mask tomatoes can reduce oil on the skin . If tomatoes combined with avocado usefulness will be devastating . Avocado serves as a natural moisturizer and has anti-bacterial agent . How to make the mix  one tomato and one avocado with a fine , then apply to all parts of the face as a mask . Then you let sit for 20-30 minutes . Then you rinse with clean water . This herb is very suitable for oily and dry skin , due to a combination of these two materials produce vitamins A , C and E

3 . As Natural Sunscreen

It turns out that the benefits of tomatoes to the face can be used as a natural sunscreen . This natural sunscreen to protect your skin from the hot sun . Not only as a natural sunscreen , if your skin becomes inflamed due to sunburn, you can also add a bit of yogurt in tomatoes that have been destroyed then you apply on the inflamed part in the face . The way is by crushing the tomatoes and splash it on sunburned face directly.

3 . Overcome Oily Skin

If you are experiencing skin problems with excess oil production , the tomatoes can also be used as an alternative to overcome the oily face . Very easy way to make a potion that is grated fresh tomatoes or a blender then strain juice . Next add a little cucumber juice to the tomato juice and apply to your entire face . Leave on for 20-30 minutes , then rinse .

4 . For Face Acne

Tomatoes can also be used as an effective herb for treating acne . In the acne drug found to contain vitamin A and vitamin C , and tomatoes are also rich in vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin K and acidity in tomatoes helps you reduce and clear acne you have .. If you have mild acne , you can just put a piece of fresh tomatoes in thin slices already on your face . Leave for an hour then rinse with clean water . Perform this activity on a regular basis , you can do it every day .

5 . Addressing Large Pores on the Face

If you have pores large , this course will allow dirt into the skin of your face . So that it can increase the risk of skin infection by bacteria and dirt from outside . But do not worry , nature already provides a remedy of tomato . Potion is take one tablespoon of fresh tomato juice , then add 2-4 drops of fresh lime juice . Use a cotton swab to apply the potion is rounded to the face . Note , after the rub massage your face with circular motions . Let these ingredients last for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water . Perform this treatment regularly for maximum results . Do it every day or every other day is enough .
Title : Makes Beautiful Face With Tommatoes
Description : As has been discussed previously Tomatoes has many benefits . Especially to make our face beautifully. Tomato is a fruit that is very easy ...

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