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Turmeric Herbal Medic

Turmeric Herbal Medic

Turmeric Herbal Medic - Turmeric (Curcuma domestic) is a kind of tuber that is often used as seasoning, and is also used in traditional treatment. There are several names for these medicinal plants, such as "Koneng" (West Java), "Kunir" (Central Java), "Kunit" (Borneo) and "Kurlai" (Moluccas).
Turmeric is a plant found throughout the wet trunked Indonesia. Growing wild or planted in backyard and jungle or fields. These plants than there are in Indonesia, are also spread across southern Asia, southern China, Taiwan, to the Philippines.
Efficacy and benefits of turmeric have no doubt. Than useful as a seasoning various types of cuisine, Turmeric Herbal Medic can also be used as a medicine. Because of these properties, turmeric is very useful if used as a medicinal plant family.

Turmeric Herbal Medic Properties

Properties of turmeric:
• Addressing the joint and bone pain
• Treatment for acid and gas dyspepsia
• Treating indigestion and stomach
• Treating pancreatic cancer and rectal
• anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
• Reduces flatulence and nausea
• Lowering high cholesterol levels
• Slimming
• Rejuvenation of skin
• Care after childbirth
• Overcoming liver disorders
• Coping with heart disease
• Clean the blood

However, efficacy was approved by Commission E Monograph or internationally recognized institution in Germany who has done studies in the literature on the efficacy of the 300 species of medicinal plants are for digestive disorders
How to use the traditional:
• 10-15 g pieces of turmeric boiled, water is taken 3 times a day
• 50 g of fresh fruit is cleaned and grated turmeric. Add water, mix well, then squeezed and filtered. The juice is divided into 3 parts, drink 3x daily in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

THERE ARE 2 TYPES Turmeric Herbal Medic :

A. White Turmeric Herbal Medic
white turmeric herbal medic
White Turmeric Herbal Medic
Currently the number of cancer patients is increasing and as a cause of cancer deaths are also at a high quantity. Generally, cancer was discovered at an advanced stage, so treatment becomes more difficult. Treatment with modern ways still felt a lot of side effects, while the maximum percentage of success was not enough, so it needs to be supported by alternative medicine or traditional medicine by using herbal biodiversity of the archipelago.
Any such alternative treatment is to use white turmeric, not many people know efficacy White Turmeric (Curcuma Zedoaria) which was a lot to cure various diseases. The most nutritious part of the rhizome.
Active Substance Content of White turmeric
Curcuminoid, essential oils, polysaccharides, zedoarin, kurdiona, kurkumol. Curcuminoid known, including curcuma, desmektosikurkumin, bisdemetoksikurkumin, 1.7-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) -1,4,6-heptatrien-3-on.
Mechanism of Action Turmeric Herbal Medic
Cancer is a disease characterized by the growth of cells - a new cell tissue (neoplasm), abnormal (cell genetic mutation results), rapid, and uncontrolled. Therefore, cancer is not an infectious disease caused by germs attack. Growth of cancer cells - the cells of organs that have a genetic mutation. A genetic mutation of cells that grow abnormally and destructive (do not follow the law and tend to damage the cell growth).
Zedoarin, kurdiona and kurkumol. These substances were anti-neoplastic destructive ribosome formation in cancer cells and tissues of wild by increasing fibroblast tissue formation around the cancerous tissue, and then forming a layer of cells of lymphocytes in cancer tissue and wrap it, so that the cells of cancer tissue cannot grow, eventually the cancer cells will die, and no longer pose a hazard.
In general, white turmeric benefits and uses as follows:
1. reduce the symptoms of heartburn and stomach pain
2. increase appetite
3. help inhibit the growth of cancer cells (anti neoplastic)
4. stop the bleeding
Not All White Turmeric as Anti-Cancer
But not all types of white turmeric has  anti-cancer properties. In societies that are circulating the set of White Turmeric type or types of curcuma Longa, these types do not have properties as anti-cancer. This type has the characteristics:
Tubers white, pimple-shaped, sticky and concentrated extract water and when used as a powder is white.
White turmeric type is only efficacious as anti-diarrhea and dysentery and cannot treat cancer.
White turmeric or curcuma zedoaria efficacious to cure bloating and anti-oxidants or cancer drugs. Anti-oxidant properties obtained from immunomodulatory, these substances can increase the number of lymphocytes, increases the toxicity of the cancer killer cells and specific antibody synthesis. The use of turmeric with grated white and the grated squeezed and drink the water.
As an important note! one of the negative impact of white turmeric is reducing the ability of white blood cells, white turmeric is also not good for pregnant and lactating mothers.

B. Yellow Turmeric Herbal Medic
yellow turmeric herbal medic
Yellow Turmeric Herbal Medic
Yellow Turmeric Herbal Medic

Yellow Turmeric Herbal Medic including interest "Zingi beraceae" or stem ginger with a pseudo-colored green or purplish. Red compound flowers / pink. Turmeric rhizomes to form an oval, tawny skin, reddish yellow or yellow tuber old.
Turmeric tubers belonging to the most easily grown. To seed a piece of ground planted rhizomes crumbly. Planted in the rainy season so not much watering, because if too much water can cause the roots to rot the roots.
Turmeric rhizome began to be harvested, if the stems and leaves have yellowed and then dried (7 eight months after planting), if the tree turmeric rhizome had been harvested, leaving most of the roots and rhizomes with soil piled back. So that when the rainy season rhizomes will sprout and grow into new plants.
Here are some of the properties of the herb Turmeric Herbal Medic.
General turmeric contains essential oils, resins substances, and starch and tannins. With the content of these compounds is not surprising that turmeric has medicinal ability to:
For smallpox drugs, cure wounds, eczema, scabies, purulent ear to the drug (ottorrhoca) also boiling the rhizome can be made "in Haler" in the form of vapor that can cure inflammation of the lining of the nose, flu, or blockage of the nostrils.
Turmeric boiling water to facilitate the flow of urine, diarrhea, and appetite, as well as to cope with ulcer disease, abdominal bloating until hypertension (high blood pressure).
As a food preservative. Fishmonger added a solution of turmeric in fish treated for durability and no rot.
As a skin. The women and children routinely consume turmeric solo always acid to maintain a healthy and smooth skin.
As gingivitis herbal medicine, asthma, neoplasm, rheumatism, stomach pain and dysentery.
to facilitate the release of Breast Milk : Turmeric is either eaten by young mothers who are breastfeeding, so the milk can come out smoothly. So Turmeric Herbal Medic is important to our health.

There are example picture of Turmeric Plants :

beauty turmeric flower
Beauty Turmeric Flower
Beauty Turmeric Flower

slice of Turmeric
Slice of Turmeric
Slice of Turmeric

turmeric herbal plant
Turmeric Herbal Plant
Turmeric Herbal Plant

Turmeric Herbal Powder
Turmeric Herbal Powder
Turmeric Herbal Powder

Our health is very important of all. Prevention is better than cure and also Health is very expensive. Without health in our body, we can not do anything. So don forget to drink Turmeric Herbal Medic

Title : Turmeric Herbal Medic
Description : Turmeric Herbal Medic Turmeric Herbal Medic - Turmeric (Curcuma domestic) is a kind of tuber that is often used as seasoning, and is...

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