What is Dragon Fruit

What is Dragon Fruit?
what is dragon fruit
what is dragon fruit
Dragon fruit (UK: pitaya) is the fruit of several types of cacti of the genus Hylocereus and Selenicereus. The fruit is native to Mexico, Central America and South America, but is now also cultivated in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. The fruit can also be found in Okinawa, Israel, northern Australia and southern China. Hylocereus only bloom at night.

In 1870 the French were brought from Guyana to Vietnam as an ornamental plant. By the Vietnamese and Chinese men is considered a blessing. Therefore, the fruit is always placed between two small green dragon statues on the altar table. The red color of the fruit looks striking color green dragons. This is the fruit of a habit among the Vietnamese people are greatly affected Chinese culture known as thang loy (dragon fruit).
what is dragon fruit for
what is dragon fruit

What is Dragon Fruit good for

Dragon fruit is good for many uses. Dragon fruit offers many benefits, including maintaining blood glucose for diabetics as well as well as antioxidants. As reported Worldintnews, Tuesday (22/01/2013), dragon fruit is also considered to have an abundance of nutrients such as vitamin C, fiber, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B3, vitamin B2, iron, phosphorus, calcium, carotene, fat , protein, and moisture. With affordable prices and are sold in many supermarkets, the fruit is a favorite and much-touted health practitioners throughout the world to become the best and recommended fruit consumption.

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what is dragon fruit you
what is dragon fruit you

What is Dragon Fruit good for you

Why dragon fruit is good for you? Dragon fruit is good for you because this fruit can eliminate cholesterol and high blood pressure. You can see how wonderful ingredient per piece for Dragon Fruit for Health
ripe dragon fruit
ripe dragon fruit
Dragon Fruit Ingredients per piece

     Sugar Levels: 13-18 Briks
     Water: 90%
     Carbohydrates: 11.5 grams
     Protein: 0.53 grams
     Acid: 0.139 g
     Fiber: 0.71 grams
     Calcium: 134.5 mg
     Phosphorus: 8.7 mg
     Magnesium: 60.4 mg
     and Vitamin C: 9.4 mg

ripe dragon fruits
ripe dragon fruits
ripe dragon fruits

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