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Papaya Leaf for Health

Papaya Leaf for Health

Papaya Leaf for Health - In addition to consumption as fruit, papaya is also has benefits of papaya leaf for health used as the efficacy of traditional medicine, especially by the Aborigines in Australia, the population of Vietnam, and several other Asian countries. Following a review of the content and benefits contained in the leaves of papaya based on research and facts on the ground.
Papaya leaves a bitter taste indeed, but apparently that's behind the bitter taste of papaya leaves a lot of benefits to our bodies, but unfortunately many of us who still do not know, but there are some who loved the papaya leaves. They are usually made with rice consumed as fresh vegetables.

Healthy Papaya Leaf
Healthy Papaya Leaf
Healthy Papaya Leaf

Of the several studies described in plant stems and leaves of papaya contains lots of white sap like milk (milky white latex) are likely to do as anticancer. Benefits of papaya latex proved health fatherly are natural anti tumor or cancer. The role was made possible by the content karpain compounds, alkaloids laktonat ringed with seven groups of methylene chains.
With that configuration, not only the tumor and skin diseases are cured karpain was also potent inhibit microorganisms that interfere with the performance of several digestive functions. So effective to suppress the cause of typhoid fever. Papaya leaves also contain various substances such as vitamins A, B1, calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron and water.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Women Health

A. Pimple
Drying the leaves 2-3 old papaya, mash with a given water, wring it out. Apply the juice on the acne.

B. Whitish
Take a papaya leaves, a piece of reed grass roots, fennel pulosari taste. Furthermore finely chopped papaya leaves, then boiled with other ingredients with 1.5 liters of water to boiling and filtered and then drink one glass once a day and be done regularly

fresh papaya leaf
Fresh Papaya Leaf
Fresh Papaya Leaf

In addition, more than 50 Amini acid contained in the sap of papaya, among others, acid aspartate, threonine, serine, glutamate acid, proline, glycine, alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysine, arginine, tritophan, and cysteine . The material is usually incorporated in the cosmetic industry raw materials for smoothing the skin, strengthens skin, strengthen the network to be suppler and keep your teeth from plaque deposits.

Benefits of Papaya for Health Include:

1. Improving digestion
Papaya leaves contain chemical compounds that can kill microorganisms karpain that often interfere with the digestive function.

2. Increase appetite
for children who are difficult to eat can be overcome by the way: take a fresh papaya leaves and the size of your palm, add a little salt and half a cup of warm water. Mix all and then blended and filtered water. This drink can be used as appetite enhancer.

3. Anti acne
Papaya leaves can cure pimples by making a mask

4.Menstrual Pain
For women who frequent pain during menstruation may try to use papaya to relieve the pain, how: take a leaf only, add the tamarind and salt. Then mixed with a glass of water and boiled. Drink when cool.

5. Dengue Fever
Papaya leaves can also be to cure dengue. The trick: take 5 bay leaves, add half a liter of water and boil. Take the water if it is left behind three-four of them alone.

6. Anti cancer
there are several mentions of discourse that papaya leaves can also be developed as an anti cancer. But this is still just a discourse so needs further research.

Traditional Processing of Papaya Leaf for Health

Launch period. Two pieces of papaya leaves are washed, finely crushed with a given 1/4 cup water, juice, with salt. Drink once a day at a time.
Smooth milk. Some papaya leaves are washed,. Warm placed around the breast.
Malaria and fever. Mashed papaya leaves up to 1/2 cups, add water 3/4 cup and salt, squeeze, strain. Drink 3 times a day, do five days in a row.
Increase appetite. Fresh papaya leaf washed, mash, give salt and water bit by bit as much as 1/4 cup, squeeze. Drinking water as well.
Malnutrition. One papaya leaves boiled with 1.5 cups water to boiling, then filtered to take water. Then drenched in toddler 2 tablespoons per day.
Flu. Wash three young papaya leaves, mash, squeeze, with salt. Drink twice a day for children, and four times a day for adults. (Various sources)

green papaya leaf
Green Papaya Leaf
Green Papaya Leaf

papaya leaf tree
Papaya Leaf Tree
Papaya Leaf Tree

Efficacy Papaya Leaf, In research conducted by Dang known, papaya extract will produce a molecule called Th1 type cytokines that help improve the body's immune system. This would support the therapeutic use of immune system to fight cancer.
Experts say, papaya extract has no toxic effect on normal cells and thus more secure than cancer therapy in general. In research, 10 types of cancer cell cultures killed with papaya extract and then observed for 24 hours. Apparently, papaya slow the growth of tumor cells in all types of cancer. So regular consumption of papaya leaves can keep us from germs.
Our health is very important of all. Prevention is better than cure and also Health is very expensive. Without health in our body, we can not do anything. So don forget to drink Papaya Leaf for Health

Title : Papaya Leaf for Health
Description : Papaya Leaf for Health Papaya Leaf for Health - In addition to consumption as fruit, papaya is also has benefits of papaya leaf for he...

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  1. Nice blog, i am totally agree with you papaya leaf is really very useful remedy, it is work like a life saver in differ type of fever. when blood shell dis-balance due to high fever then papaya leaf work as most important remedy.
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  2. natural medic,amazing benefits of papaya leaf!

  3. natural medic,amazing benefits of papaya leaf!

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