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Benefits of Spinach

Health Benefits of Spinach 

Benefits of Spinach - Spinach is one plant species where the leaves are eaten as greens. Benefits of spinach is come from nutrient content in spinach. Health benefits of spinach can cure many diseases. Spinach originated from the primary time America however currently has unfold throughout the planet. Iron content of spinach incorporates a terribly high helpful for human health. Eat spinach regularly is good for our digestion. Until now, the spinach had been consumed by all people that like to eat vegetables and perceive the advantages of vegetables spinach. Spinach can be choice in diet menu.

Types of Spinach

In the community, has known 2 styles of vegetables ie spinach spinach spinach unplug it and reap. Spinach unplug the shape of smaller leaves and cook as usual within the stir fry soup aja ato. whereas selecting spinach leaves kind a good and growing of up to 2 meters tall, regular meals as recent vegetables, ointment, or the fried flour.

The content of drugs in Spinach

We all recognize that eating inexperienced vegetables, spinach is extremely helpful for our bodies. however we tend to don't nonetheless perceive what substances or nutrients in inexperienced vegetables, spinach.

Green vegetables spinach nutrition or substance containing iron within the kind of a really giant kind of Fe a pair of + (Ferro), Substance Nitrate (NO3). For one hundred grams of spinach contained nutrient or substance by twenty one.0 Kcal, 92.9 g water, 2.1 grams protein, 0.2 grams fat, 2.7 g carbohydrates, 0.7 grams fiber, 1.4 g ash, 90.0 mg of calcium, phosphorus twenty nine.0 mg, iron 3.8 mg, sodium 131.0 mg, 385.0 mg potassium, beta-carotene 4080.0 mcg, 0.08 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 zero.15 mg, 0.7 mg niacin, and vitamin C seventy six.7 mg.
Green Spinach
Green Spinach
Green Spinach
We can see bagitu several nutrients contained in spinach, in order that among the spinach is commonly known as the king of vegetables.

But additionally to the quantity of nutrients in vegetables spinach. Spinach also can be toxic, if we tend to are wrong to treat her.

Advantages and drawbacks Spinach

Spinach vegetables we tend to eat spinach has blessings and drawbacks. Spinach is excess or shortage of blood for anemia, lethargy limp body, digestion, lose weight, lower cholesterol levels, asthma, eczema, skin-care face, scalp, hair preventing sore gums, constipation, ambein or hemorrhoids, heart disease, and stroke .

For lack of spinach is once we are wrong in its processing, substance contained in spinach may be was poison for humans. Za iron Fe a pair of + (Ferro) when oxidized with oxygen (O2), the iron Fe a pair of + (Ferro) can change into Ferric (Fe3 +). Ferri are toxic for the human body. Compounds Nitrate (NO3) when oxidized can change into a compound Nitrite (NO2). Nitrite may be a compound compound is colorless, odorless and toxic for the human body.

Nutrition Benefits of Spinach

Spinach Leaves
Spinach Leaves
 Spinach Leaves
Spinach contain many nutrition, all of them have its benefits to our body. Here are some Nutrition benefits of spinach :

Constipation, Sore Gums, Gastric

Method I: finish off a bunch of spinach and then blended into a juice by adding one tablespoon of honey. Drink one / a pair of liters every day till healed.
Method II: finish off a bunch of spinach within the ground and then add one / a pair of cup hot water and one tablespoon madu.Setelah squeeze and strain it. Drink one / a pair of cup three times every day.


Method: Take the 5 stems of spinach and then cut - cut and boiled with five cups of water for 70-10 menit.Air stew in an exceedingly drink three times every day. Adults one cup, kids - kid one / a pair of cup, a pair of tablespoons baby alone.

Eczema / Skin Irritation

Method: Boil one bunch of spinach for fifteen menit.Kemudian clean cloth soaked in boiling water and compressed, the pain of eczema / skin irritation for 20-30 minutes once every day.

Body Weakness, Fatigue, Sleepy

Method: mix one tomato, one / a pair of cup milk not fat, one hundred grams of spinach leaves and a pair of cloves of garlic. Before the blender, tomatoes within the clear from the husk and seeds and spinach leaves brewed with water panas.Tambahkan very little water if too thick. Drinking the juice three times every week. When conditions improve, might be reduced her portion to one times every week.

Skin Care Face, Head and Hair

Method I: Clean segengam bunch of spinach and saffron. Then in an exceedingly blender separated by adding somewhat water, strain and take the juice. combine the juice of spinach and saffron sari and then add somewhat heat water. Use to scrub your face or hair laundry.

Method II: finish off a bunch of spinach in an exceedingly blender and add the juice with somewhat water. Spinach juice to rub on the face, round the corners of the eyes, forehead, mouth and dagu.Lakukan five minutes after you come to life within the morning and in the dark before bed. Rinse with cold water.

Bronchitis, anemia, fever, Whitish, Lever Disorders
Spinach Garden
Spinach Garden
 Spinach Garden
How To: Clean a bunch of spinach, then in an exceedingly blender by adding boiled water. After that, squeeze and strain juice. Her sari in add one tablespoon of honey. Drink one cup one time every day.

Stung by a bee, caterpillar hairs, Centipede

Method: Grind a couple of spinach and paste on the affected half. may be accompanied with spinach juice one cup every day.

The conclusion is consume spinach is good and recommended eat regularly. Because benefits of spinach can cure many disease. And also Health benefits of spinach can improve our body immune. Some of diseases can be cure by the content in nutrition benefits of spinach. Prevent is better than cure.
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