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Benefits of Celery

Health Benefits of Celery

Celery Stalk
Celery Stalk
 Celery Stalk
Benefits of Celery - Celery is a herbaceous annual standing, and has a height of about 25-100 cm. Celery sticks sides and longitudinal grooves with many flowers, small white or white and greenly. Celery grows in tropical areas have a size of the trunk is not big enough for the whole plant is used as a plant. Plant breeding can be
used in two ways, particularly through the seed or mass transport of the child.

Local name of Celery:
Celery (UK), Celeri (France), celery (Italy), Selinon, Salsa (Germany), celery (Indonesia); Sledri (Java), celery (Sunda).

Celery is divided into three parts, namely, celery leaves, pieces of celery (STEM) and celery bulb. They are juicy and fleshy stalks can be eaten raw, such as vegetables, while the leaves can be used for flavoring soups.

The celery is also used to treat various diseases. Celery plants were recently recognized as a science of medicinal plants in 1942. This plant is supposed to contain vitamin A, C and B1. Celery also contains many minerals such as sodium chloride, potassium (potassium), magnesium, protein, calcium, pspat salt, apigenin asparagine, kholin, saponins, essential oils, soothing agents (phathalide) and fiber. This herb can be used as alternative drugs for various diseases.
Celery Plant
Celery Plant
 Celery Plant

Nutrition contains 100 grams of celery

20 calories per cup
1 gram of protein
0.1 grams of fat
4.6 g Carbon Hydrate
50 mills-grams of calcium
P mg 40 g
1 million ounces of iron
Vitamin A is 130 SI
0.03 mg Vitamin B1 and
Vitamin C 11 mg.
11 mg vitamin C and 63% in an aqueous medium.

Celery also contains, in addition to diuretics, is a drug useful for increasing the amount of urine.
High levels of sodium in celery is very helpful to maintain the vitality of the body. District to use celery to cure fever in children by maceration and water

Benefits of Celery Juice

Celery Juice Lower Blood Pressure
Celery Juice Lower Blood Pressure
 Celery Juice Lower Blood Pressure

Health Benefits of Celery Juice

Benefits of Celery Juice - Hypertension, eye pain, rheumatic diseases, anemia, pain, healthy blood and purify the blood, diarrhea, diabetes, epilepsy, migraine, bloody urination, prevent stroke, improve hormone functions, heat illness. Celery juice is also great celery leaves can increase intelligence, resolve herpes, mumps, for the prevention of breast cancer, renal failure, and for healthy teeth, helping to reduce the level of uric acid in the blood, reduce pain in the reserves because of uric acid, normalize blood sugar, maintaining a healthy heart and bones, overcome urinary tract infections and neutralize the effects of degenerative diseases and as an antidote to anti-oxidants and free radicals hyacinth is also used for beauty.

The benefits seem to be much faster if you routinely eat raw.
By chewing celery will have two advantages:
When the leaves are chewed substance to massage the gums.
Calcium leaves can help to strengthen teeth.
He was also able to neutralize the strong-smelling herbs such as garlic.

Celery effective for the treatment of diseases such as substances that are beneficial diuretic increase the amount of urine: high blood pressure, dizziness, swelling in the legs due to fluid, colds, bronchitis, cough, hair fertilizer urine, nausea, bloody penapsu eat, and others.

Celery also has efficacy in the treatment of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, which contains fat, urine, and colic. stimulate the digestive and urinary laxative (diuretic)
Celery juice with broccoli
Celery juice with broccoli
Celery juice with broccoli
It was the seed of the fruit and celery is effective for the treatment of rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, liver and spleen disease, colic and abdominal pain after childbirth. strain relief (antispasmodic), lower levels of uric acid in blood, urine, feces anti-rheumatic agent (diuretic), laxative fart (carminative), and tranquilizers aphrodisiac

Also, celery is also good to be consumed to prevent wrinkles on the face, breaking up the fat and lose weight, maintain elasticity and firmness and eliminate bad breath. The benefits of celery and Benefits of Celery juice is very good to our health. Consume vegetables are good for the body of one of these plants. have you consume vegetables today?
Title : Benefits of Celery
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