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5 Tomatoes Benefits

Tomatoes Plant
Tomatoes Plant

5 Tomatoes Health Benefits  

5 Tomatoes Benefits - Tomatoes is a small fruit but has many benefits. Tomatoes benefits has many vitamin C. Tomato is useful to give a bitter taste in the kitchen. But you know behind to give a taste of this acid, the health benefits of tomatoes are still a lot. Fast-food snacks and drinks at the moment can be easily found around us.  

Food packaging is a bit consumption, But begin to question our eating habits are. The tendency for people to begin to recognize the value of healthy life we ​​cherish. If  drink tomato juice, tomato sauce is made from the kitchen can be an option to start living healthy, given the many benefits of tomatoes.   
Cherry Tomato
Cherry Tomato

5 Tomatoes Health Benefits are :

  • Tomatoes benefits can also be used as a drug acne. How to benefit from tomatoes to reduce acne are: potonga cook the tomatoes into smaller pieces, Lau slowly rubbing your face, use daily for a month.Citric acid is present in tomatoes can make the skin free from dirt and grease.
  • Tomatoes benefits from reduced risk of prostate cancer.The risk of prostate cancer will decline 21-43% just by eating regular tomatoes 2 times a week.
  • The tomatoes health benefits for eyes.Tomatoes contain beta-carotene is high. Beta carotene is beneficial for eye health.
  • Tomatoes have a mixture of digestion and good appetite. Tomatoes benefits are rich in minerals, including. Mineral salt is able to stimulate the release of saliva. Saliva contains enzymes that are necessary for enzyme digestion. Mineral mineral tomatoes can increase appetite while the enzyme may facilitate enzyme digestion output.
  • Tomatoes Benefits as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Tomato contains Tomatine useful as anti-inflammatory agents, while the concentration of carotene and vitamin C in tomatoes is useful as anti-oxidants to fight free radicals.

Title : 5 Tomatoes Benefits
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